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Visa Services

VISA SERVICES OUR WORK: Client Counseling Procedure How our VISA will enjoy a number of services the company offers, such as:

1. We will advise the customer free of problems related to such activities lamVISA:
- Consult the regulations of the law on the issuance of visas to citizens;
- Procedures for Visa Consulting;
- Advice on shelf VISA, VISA change ...
- Consulting to prepare records and documents prepared LamVISA;
- Consult other related issues.

2. Testing and evaluation of the legal requirements and advise client”s papers:
- On the basis of the documentation requirements and provide clients with our lawyers will analyze and assess the legality and compliance with performance requirements of the job;
- In case customers need a lawyer to negotiate, meet with partners to exchange customers in the visa, we will arrange and ensure the participation as required;
- We represent clients translators, notarized papers related.

3. We will represent the completion of Visa Procedures for clients such as:
- After contracted services, we will carry out the visa application designed for customers;
- A representative of the competent authority to apply for visa to the customer;
- Representative track record and notify the results submitted documents to the customer;
- Representing clients receive VISA.

4. After-sales service for customers:
In addition to the above preferential service, after the liquidation of service contracts will continue to support customers in a number of special services, such as:
- 10% discount for the next service you use;
- Provides free legal documents often

Visa Services

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